3 Amazing Business Advice for Designers

3 Amazing Business Advice for Designers

There’s always been a huge gap between the mindset of a designer and their clients. And no matter how smoothly the project is going, this gap will almost-always cause problems, there’s nothing you can do about it… Actually, there is one way, and it most certainly up to you (the designer): you can bridge the gap by using business knowledge.

Why is this so important? Because educating yourself about business, and learning the essential skills will help you launch your own business, build an audience, and treat your services as a product. Not to mention it will also strengthen your relationship with clients!

Here’s what you need to do to become indispensable to your clients:

  1. Understand your place in the universe.

Always tie your skill to how it will make your client more money and help their business. Because some clients don’t think of design as the most important thing for their business (shocking!), but it’s okay, you can prove your worth using terms they understand.

  1. Study business essentials.

Speaking of terms the client will understand: money is a big motivator to most businesses. So remember to talk to your client about how your design will make them more money and help their business succeed. (You can also apply what you learn to your own business!)

  1. Practice using your own product.

Applying the business skills you learned will help you build an audience for future projects, and create a good reputation for yourself as a business. This will make you THE designer to go to, the one everyone wants to work with, because you not only create great designs, but you also provide your clients with valuable input for their business.


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