How to Not Get Distracted Working Remotely

How to Not Get Distracted Working Remotely

Oh, the freedom of working from the comfort of your home…or your favorite cafe! Being a small business owner might feel like freelancing sometimes, especially if you’re just starting out. But with freedom comes responsibility—you still need to maintain an “office vibe” for yourself so you can get work done. 

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Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Stick to a routine. Less decisions means less time spent stressing about them, which also reduces your subconscious urge to procrastinate.
  2. Arrange your work schedule around when you will be most productive. Leave out an hour or two for flexibility in your schedule, in case something comes up.
  3. No matter where you like to work, make sure you’re in a clutter-free environment.  Take a few minutes to prepare your space for work, play favorite motivational music, or whatever you need to make you feel more productive.
  4. When it’s time to get to work, put your phone on Do-Not-Disturb. There are ‘distraction blocking’ apps to help turn off social media alerts while you work. 
  5. Write down a to-do list in a notebook, or a sticky note, to prioritize tasks that needs your attention first, and not missing anything.
  6. Take ‘self-aware’ brain-breaks. For example, take a three minute break every hour to stretch your legs, refill your coffee, or check your phone notifications.
  7. Stay hydrated, and have snacks so hunger doesn’t become a major distraction.
  8. Take a nap. We know you shouldn’t be sleeping at work, but you’re not ‘at work’ right now. If coffee isn’t helping you stay focus, take a 20-minute power nap. 

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