Quit Your Job and Start Your Small Freelance Business.

Quit Your Job and Start Your Small Freelance Business.

Having a job makes you feel secure, but you don’y have to stick to it if your passion lies elsewhere.

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Now, we don’t mean that you should go ahead and quit because your work is not your passion. But if you’d be happier making a living from your side hustle, these steps would help you out in the process:

  1. Have a vision. Keep your end goal in mind as you plan for setting up your business. This will help set a clear path for yourself and your company.
  2. Decide on the structure of the business. The way your freelance business operates depends on the type of services it offers, so learn what works for you.
  3. Set up your finances. Before you begin working on anything, make sure you have a bank account for your business, a price list, invoice temples, and accounting systems to keep track of everything.
  4. Make a portfolio and design marketing materials for social media. Whether your business provides a service or sells products, show your clients what can you do, so they know what to expect from you. 
  5. Use your connections, ask around, give out free samples to secure a few customers, and build your client base from there. Remember, word of mouth is a powerful thing.
  6. Believe in yourself. You might have some doubts, but everyone has to start somewhere; no one was born great, successful and fulfilled. It takes time and effort. So work hard, and keep your end goal in mind.

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Teamup is an online tool, created to help small business manage their finances, create custom proposals and contracts with ease and efficiency, so you have time to focus on what you love.

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