Teem: Easy Invoicing for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Easy Invoicing for small businesses and freelancers

Currently offering invoicing solutions for over 1000 businesses

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“The thing I love about Teem is that I can see my clients’ payments wherever I am.”


– Khadija

Start invoicing in minutes

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Add your branding

Set up your personalized invoices in less than a minute from your Account Settings. Add your logo, your brand colors and any other information that you would like to include on your invoices.

Share on Whatsapp

If you’re like us, WhatsApp is your go-to for communicating with your clients. Send your branded invoices to your customers with a click of a button for instant communication.

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Receive payments instantly

Our partnership with various payment options allows you to receive payments instantly and gives your customer a variety of choices


Our partners

At Teem, we believe in working with like-minded organizations who strive to empower micro and small-sized businesses.


Take charge of your business from any device

Frequently Asked Questions

Teem allows you to manage and issue branded invoices to your customers directly via WhatsApp or email as well as manage and track your expenses

a CR is not required for registration. However, a CR number or a freelance registration ID is needed for activating online payments.

No, Teem does not take any comission of your sales.

You can record any payment from the Record Payment option facing the invoice you would like to update

Currently, you can’t integrate your Teem account with any website, but you can copy the invoice link and paste it anywhere.

Sign up with your freelancer’s ID

Get a 30% discount on all packages for one year